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Brewer Legal Can Prepare Your Living Will

No one knows when tragedy will strike, and having a living will is a way to communicate your wishes if you are near death, severely incapacitated, or in a permanent coma.

Also known as a Health Care Directive or a Power of Attorney for Health, a living will is a written notice that states your desires for medical treatment such as providing or withholding life-support in the event of a serious accident or illness.

The Importance of a Living Will The medical treatment you wish to receive in the event of a catastrophe is one of the most important and personal decisions you can make, but if you lack a living will and are in a persistent vegetative state, the burden of those decisions may be left to others like family members or even the court.

Living trusts often come in packages so that they include other important documents to avoid probate and help ease the management of assets and decisions. While living trust packages include a series of documents, they are typically completed all together, signed and notarized and become effective right away. Common documents included in a living trust package would be Power of Attorneys for designating an agent to act if incapacitated, but still alive. This avoids a probate conservatorship. Advance Healthcare Directives (medical power of attorney), which can also avoid a conservatorship court process. Pour Over Wills are often included to capture any personal property not addressed in the Living Trust and allows for the nomination of a guardian for minor children. Most importantly a Trust Transfer deed which is what takes any real property and gives ownership of it to the living trust. While each of these documents serves its own unique function, together they make up what is commonly found in Living Trust Packages.

Certain medical treatments and forms of life-support, furthermore, can create enormous expenses for your next-of-kin or even violate your personal and religious beliefs.

Having a living will in place is essential for making your desires clear in case you are one day incapable of expressing them yourself.

Brewer Legal Can Prepare Your Living Will

Using information you provide, we will prepare and file a living will that clearly states your wishes for medical treatment, giving you and your loved ones piece of mind should the unthinkable ever happen.

We can prepare your living will as a standalone product, or include it as a part of your living trust.

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Michael Johnson
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Tisha Cain
Tyler has always been very responsive to our family needs. We really feel as if there is nothing outside his wheel house and he can do anything. I have referred many family members to We the People because they are trusted and I always feel as if we are in good hands. Thank you so much for always bailing us out. Much appreciated!!
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Joanna Ramos
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