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In California, when someone has passed away and they owned assets, a probate filing may be required to transfer those assets. While this is not always the case, when a resident of California did not have certain estate planning documents, the court will be left to handle the transfer of property. A common misconception is that having a last will prepared would avoid this, but in California, even decedents (those who have passed) with a will, could have their assets distributed by a probate court order.

While the thought of having the court oversee the distribution of property may seem scary, California has systems and procedures in place to make the process fairly simple. The probate court is a division of the California Superior Courts and each of the 58 Counties in the state have a probate court division. Aside from decedents’ estates, the probate court also handles guardianships and conservatorships. For those in need of filing a probate in San Luis Obispo, we can assist in preparing the appropriate documents for the San Luis Obispo County Probate Court. We can prepare probate documents for a variety of probate cases in San Luis Obispo County. We can have the documents completed quickly and accurately all while saving you time and money. As opposed to probate attorneys who charge a percentage of the value of the assets (which can be tens of thousands of dollars), we charge a low flat fee for all required probate documents.

San Luis Obispo Probate Overview - Legal Document Preparation

The probate process in San Luis Obispo County has several available filing options for those looking to transfer assets. Each one of them require their own specific set of probate documents to be prepared and filed to meet the requirements to transfer property in that case type. The requirements for the different probate case types for the most part will depend on the value of the estate (all combined assets of the decedent). The exception to the value requirement would be when the decedent is a spouse, in which value is not a qualifying factor to file the “Spousal Property Petition”.

The process is for the most part similar in each case type with an initial petition/request being filed that asks the court to take action on making an order. The completion of the case would result in an order from the Judge or court. Filing fees apply to each probate case an vary from as low as $30 all the way to $1000. Third party fees apply in most of the case types which could include some or all of the following: Newspaper publications, inventory and appraisal by Probate Referees, and even bond policies on the case. These fees vary on location and value of the estate too. Each probate process has its own fees, timeline and procedural requirements. Some require hearings and others are done same day on the spot after filing. It is important to understand the process you are required to file to avoid costly mistakes, mis-spends and wasted time.

Probate Document Preparation in San Luis Obispo

We are experienced in preparing probate documents for the San Luis Obispo County Probate Court. We understand the different types of cases as well as the requirements associated with each one. We can have your probate documents prepared quickly and accurately. We track all probate cases in the court to make sure that our clients can get from their initial probate petition to a final order as fast as the court procedural process will allow.

If you have questions about a probate case in San Luis Obispo County, contact our office. We can explain the court timelines and requirements as well as break down and explain all the court fees, third-party fees, and our flat fee pricing to complete all the required probate documents.

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